My name is Leslie.  I’m from Texas, but I currently live in Virginia.                             Leslie Elsaifi                    

When I’m not working as a Software Engineer, I enjoy cooking, eating, drinking wine, and traveling.

I spend most of my free time with my boyfriend Ben and my two cats Eva and Revolver Ocelot.  I love trying new things.  Since graduating from college in May 2005, I’ve brewed my own wine, made homemade jelly, taken a hot air balloon ride, hiked up a mountain, tried my hand at softball and volleyball, canoed down a river, moved across the country to Virginia, picked fresh apples, blackberries, strawberries, and cherries, gone camping and watched the sunset and sunrise from the top of a mountain, spent my first Thanksgiving away from my family, lived alone for the first time in my life, ran a 4 miler for breast cancer, mentored an underprivileged student for a year, took a yoga class, bought my own laptop…twice, knitted a scarf, researched my family’s genealogy, read several books I couldn’t put down, met the love of my life, started this blog, bought my own domain, donated my hair to Locks of Love…twice, walked away from something I love, taken a home firearm safety course, volunteered at the SPCA, watched the entire series of Lost, and learned a hell of a lot about myself and the world around me.

And now I can take a breath!  I hope to use this blog as an outlet for sharing my stories of new and exciting experiences.

About Texas Lou

Name: Leslie

Bio: I'm a Texas girl who now lives in Virginia. My goal in life is to experience as much as possible, and this blog will follow me in my adventures!