Boy was I negative this weekend.  Both my boys were sick, a good friend moved away and we didn’t get to say goodbye, it rained on the 4th of July and we didn’t do anything to celebrate the holiday, and I spent most of the weekend dwelling on the fact that I live far from my family.  Needless to say, I put way too much negative energy into feeling sorry for myself this weekend.  I really need a dose of gratitude today so here it is:

  1. My boys may have had a cold this weekend but I’m so thankful they didn’t also have a stomach bug.  They each vomited once in their sleep and I was afraid we were all going to get another stomach bug but it seems things were just related to all the mucus that came with the cold.  I’m grateful they weren’t as sick as I worried they were.
  2. I’m sad my friend moved away but I’m very thankful for all the good memories we have and for her friendship.  I’m also hopeful we’ll visit each other and remain friends in the future.
  3. I’m thankful for the rain.  Without it, we wouldn’t be able to have life on this planet and we also wouldn’t be able to appreciate the sunny days.
  4. Even though we didn’t celebrate the Fourth of July, I’m thankful I got to spend the day with my boys and make my family a nice dinner.  I know many people have no one to spend the holidays with so I’m thankful I wasn’t in that position.
  5. I wish we didn’t live so far away from my family but I’m thankful we get to visit them in a few weeks and I’m also grateful we have things like Skype, Facebook, and phone calls to stay in touch.

I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July!  Doing my best to stay positive over here. 🙂

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